Earn Money by fb

Earn Money by fb

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Hey, what is up this is Tyler Pratt. So if you ever wanted to start earn money by Facebook fan page. I mean if you’re creating a Facebook fan page if you’re building a Facebook fan page. And you’re starting to get lots and lots of traffic and you want to start monetizing it why not.

I mean Facebook they’re making a ton of money with all these ads. So why don’t you take your Facebook fan page? And why not monetize it so in this video? let me show you six different simple ways. That you can monetize your Facebook fan page. You can use all six you can use one you can use two whatever you want to do.

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I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that now if you want to really learn. How to get some passive income coming in and you want to get three or four hundred dollars per day. Click on the link in the description I’m going to show you my number one recommended opportunity right now. How you can really scale your online profits up to? You know start to get two or three hundred dollars per day with passive income. So just click on the link in the description.

Now what I like to do with that was? I like to come out to you every day with a new video with all kinds of strategies. How you can work from home earn money at home. How you can build a business all of these ideas?

Fan Page

I come out with to you on a daily basis alright so let’s jump right into it. So here’s my fan page right here okay and this is a fan page. That I’m building up and I like to monetize it just as much as is anybody else. I mean why spend all the time. So you build up your fan page. When you could you know monetize it alright so this is going to be.

How to make money on your Facebook? Fan page so six simple ways to do? This again you can use all six you can use one you can use two three. Whatever you want to do but these are going to be six simple way. That that I’ve found that that really work the best so first of all. If you happen to have a fan page yet login to Facebook.


It’s free you can just go over here to the right-hand side you click on it says to create a page right here. So you click on create a page and then you just click on business. And you click on getting started very simple very easy. I use my name for my facebook you see my name right here.

I like to use my name just, because I’m branding myself if you’re Bill business online. You can use a business name. I like to use a name just because people. They tend to you know join people that they like and trust. I f it’s business if it’s corporation might turn off some people.

Promoting Software

So that’s just my suggestion you can do whatever you want with your fan page either way you do it you’re gonna you’re gonna have success with it so so don’t don’t stress over it just get something up and get something running quickly that way you can start making money with your fan page so let’s start out for the first one we’re gonna be promoting software.

Now you probably think it will you know software out there is a lot of good software out there and there’s a lot of great software that people help other people have success and one of the best places to do this is going to be at jvzoo now if you can if you go to jvzoo.com.

Create Account

You create an account it’s free you just log into your account and when you get into the account then you’re going to click on you go to product library but what I like to do is go to top sellers okay so I got two top sellers and this list pops up right here and you’re gonna see the top sellers for the day top sellers from yesterday and so this just.

I’ll look at an example here we’re press social contact unlimited site license all right I’m gonna click on this and show you this okay so this is a website here that is going to be so this is one click WordPress plug-in that can help you make 300% more income from your website in 2018 great website it’s a plugin okay so plugin for WordPress so it’s a it’s a very simple software that somebody would would install to their computer.

PayPal Account

You can you know they can obviously make more money now the cool thing is you can become an affiliate. You can promote this offer so if I look at this let’s look at the affiliate details. Here so the price is gonna be twenty-four ninety-five and you get fifty percent of that. So you basically get half of that twenty-four ninety-five on the initial sale. What I like about jvzoo is the money is deposited right into your PayPal account.

So you don’t even have to worry about it you start making money instantly right away so all you have to do is just you just come in here and you click on request affiliate prove all you just do that and then they’ll they’ll approve you your account.

Promote product

They’ll give you a special link and you take that link and you can promote it on to your Facebook fan page okay so jvzoo is gonna be the first one that’s going to be promoting software so the next one is going to promote your own course now you probably thinking well what kind, of course, like a digital product course you know a training.

How to do things?

I promise you there’s stuff out there that you know how to do that other people don’t know? How that you could teach? On I mean even let’s just say for instance create a Facebook fan page right. If you create it and you go through the steps you could turn around and create a course on that.

What you do is you can go to places like udemy you’d eat you de my okay udemy. Udemy is where you can create videos and you upload them right to udemy. They put it right in their marketplace people can buy the course. They will you know spend the money on udemy and udemy will send you the money at the end of the month for all the people. That buy into your courses okay it’s a very simple very easy way there’s no software you don’t learn anything.

Spend to time

All you have to do is just spend the time to teach people. How to do stuff using video you could do? You know you can do you can do slide shares you can just. You don’t have to get yourself in front of the camera you can just show people. How to do it using programs like Camtasia or ScreenFlow to actually show your screen like.

I write here on what you’re looking at right here I use ScreenFlow okay so ScreenFlow is what I use to capture this screen alright so next one is going to be selling a physical product so t-shirts are really the hottest way to sell a physical product and t-shirt at teespring it’s the easiest and the most straightforward way you could come up with okay.

Facebook fan page

They will you actually can go in there you can just create a simple design you put it up on a t-shirt and then they’ll give you a special link that goes right in that t-shirt they will print the t-shirt they will ship the t-shirt and they will send you the money it’s the absolute easiest thing in the entire world.

So you could take a t-shirt put it onto your your Facebook fan page from and you show an image of that t-shirt put a link to your t-shirt and then teach bring will take care of everything they will apps they will they will print out the shirt they will ship it to the person that buys it and you get to collect the money okay so is one of the easiest teespring.

Make to Monetize

I mean t-shirts are one of the easiest is to make to monetize your facebook fan page okay so the next one’s gonna be affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is you know similar to what we’re doing here at JB’s ooh you’re just promoting a product and you’re going to make a percentage on that but with affiliate marketing Amazon Associates gonna be one of the one of the really really good ways not depending on.

Amazon Marketplace

What you have on your fan page you could promote anything inside of the marketplace of Amazon so let’s say your fan your Facebook fan page is all about digital cameras okay this just say it’s the whole thing is about digital cameras you love digital cameras and you just love them you can promote digital cameras on the Amazon Marketplace.

You’ll have a special link through Amazon Associates when somebody clicks on that they go to Amazon Associates you can earn up to 10% of the sales price of a camera or anything like that you promote on to Amazon okay so Amazon Associates is a great way to monetize your Facebook fan page.

Promote Subscription

So the next one is going to promote subscription services so what are strip subscription services they are a monthly fee and it’s great money that comes in every month so an example of a subscription service is gonna be host gator, okay Hostgator will actually pay you up to $125 per qualified signup.

What they’ll do is every month that somebody uses hosting they will send you a check so everybody out there they want to WordPress website they want a website they want a business site. I mean how many businesses are out there.

Paying $50 Month

That you could go and contact help them get set up with their website. Hostgator would be a great place to host their website. You could get a percentage on their monthly fee so if they’re paying let’s say they’re paying $50 a month for their hosting you could get a percentage that every month and Hostgator will just send you a check every month coming into your account okay.

So if you create a fan page and it’s all about marketing and things like that people definitely gonna want to have Hostgator for their hosting okay so Hostgator you just go there and you click on affiliates up here in the right-hand corner and then you can sign up and you can earn up to hundred five $25 per qualified sign up pretty awesome.

About fiverr.com.

The last one is gonna be offering your services so your services can be anything that you could do online it could be creating graphics it could be setting up a website it could be taking phone calls I mean you u name it you could you could actually have your services out there and you could sell them and the best way to do that is go to fiverr.com.

Then you create what is called a gig that gig it will be on the marketplace and now you can offer your services. I mean let’s just take a when I come to fiber comm you’ll see right here it says. I will do beautiful 3d Ecover or an e-book okay lots of people out there have books they need a great cover for it.

Bundles of Products

This person is going to create a great-looking ebook same thing here they’re gonna create some bundles of products here this right here I will design I catch an e-book Kindle book with it, okay so this is the same thing so a lot of these people have services on here you could put your service here and you could then make money and monetize your Facebook fan page so there you go that’s six that’s six ways to –

I monetize your fan page if you want to get some information on how to get passive income coming into you and you want to get my number one recommended opportunity right now click on the link in the description below.

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