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I’m gonna show you how I make money with Facebook pages. How you can use this method? To make over two hundred three hundred dollars per day. Hey, guys welcome my name is Lester Diaz and in this website. We talk about making money online affiliate marketing social media marketing and everything in between so.

If you’re new consider subscribing alright guys so we’re gonna talk about. How to make money with Facebook pages now if you listen to a lot of people on YouTube. Some other websites out there most people would say that making money with Facebook is hard. Because it’s hard to monetize traffic.

Earn by FB

Facebook continues to make a change in established get screw. Because they don’t get as much traffic from Facebook as you know five years ago. That I’m going to show you is the method that I’ve been using personally in my opinion.

What I believe is the best way to monetize a Facebook page you might find other youtubers saying that. The best way to make money on Facebook is building a brand or a Facebook group. Which can also work what I’m saying is that if you are looking to monetize Facebook directly.

Make Money

If you want to make money from facebook. The best way to do it is with advertising not actually selling products on Facebook. But getting people to engage with content and monetizing that traffic with ads. That’s that’s what I’ve been doing this is how?

I actually make over a hundred two hundred sometimes three hundred dollars per day. Using the Facebook audience network using Google Adsense. As well and this is all from traffic you take a look at websites and BuzzFeed. They actually make most of their money from the traffic. Their audience of they generate on Facebook meaning that the more traffic.


They get more money. They can make from advertising it’s really not that complicated all you need is a blog a WordPress blog. You can just create the content yourself initially until you can afford to hire. Someone also creates the content for you I’m going to show you where to find that content.

What type of a website or blog you would need to create something like this. Even I’m going to show you my best tool in order to find borrow stories are getting a lot of traffic on Facebook. You can use that to replicate those stores. Generate more even more traffic and if you actually find value in this video.

I hope that you give it a thumbs up and I’ll leave a comment. I’ll try to answer it as best as possible and let’s jump into my computer. So I can show you how the entire process works all right so. In order to explain the process of what this concept it’s all it’s all about. I’m gonna give you a quick example.


Which is one of the biggest pages out there? Which is war Panda and what they do is pretty similar to. What I’m telling you to do in this video? Which is creating a brand that allows you to share viral stories. Typically the type of stuff that you would see on Facebook now most people.

Don’t go on Facebook to make purchases they don’t go on Facebook to buy stuff. If they’re interested in buying something they usually just go on Amazon or some other website. But not on Facebook so most people who are claiming that. You know Facebook is a place to sell then yes, it could be used to sell using Facebook ads.

If you want to make money using facebook the best way is by creating content. That’s what poor Panda does on a daily basis but they have 14 million likes on Facebook. They did it using video now if you go down on the board panel page. You’ll see that they have a ton of videos but every once in a while. They’ll post an article and that gets a lot of traffic to their website.

Post a videos

When those people read the article and they don’t make money through advertising so if we go down we continue we’ll continue to see some articles every hour or so if we go down more videos because videos actually is the key to going on Facebook that’s how you get likes get people to interact with your page using videos.

If we continue to go down you see that there’s a bunch of videos and they post a lot of videos on a daily basis but if we go down you’ll notice that there’s more videos more videos there’s this article posted 19 hours ago as you can see 18 thousand likes 1500 shares so this is definitely a top article that probably generated a few thousand visitors perhaps 50 to 60 thousand visitors just with this article.

Creating content

So this is what the concept is all about creating content for Facebook now how do you create a website how do you create a blog a news blog or a blog where you can just talk about different topics and not just news and stuff well you can use a WordPress blog and this is just a quick example of a blog that where you can just create different categories and upload content this is a template from theme country with would you say platform.

Where you can just buy different themes for WordPress so WordPress is perhaps the best platform to do this it’s really cheap you can go on any web hosting platform out there and with a single click you can install WordPress and then you can just buy a theme or use one of the free themes that they provide and from there you have a blog in less than an hour.

About the content

So now let’s talk about the content itself how do you find content that people like to read well instead of creating your own content why not just look at the people who are spending thousands of dollars to create the content and just copy what they’re doing of course we’re not just gonna copy and paste what they’re writing.

we want to give it our own spin because if you want to make money with advertising then you don’t want to copy and paste this is the big no-no of making money with the content you don’t want to copy and paste you don’t want to just grab an article from someone and just use it as your own.

About video and artical

Because sooner or later it’s going to make you lose your accounts and you don’t want to do that so you can do the manual way which is just going on websites like Daily Mail they have a most popular story section where you can see you know some of the videos and articles with a lot of shares and a lot of people talking about it on Facebook.

You can see there’s ads everywhere on this site and this is the best this is the same concept that you’re gonna be doing but with your own website how do you monetize something like this this is in this case this is Google Adsense and Google Adsense is free to join so once you have your website with maybe you know 10 15 articles.

What you can do is you can apply for Google Adsense and they’ll allow you to monetize your traffic by placing ads on different sections on your website so this right here could be a Google Adsense ad you could place another Google Adsense add.


Somewhere here inside the articles so when people go to your website via desktop or your phone then you can make money every time someone clicks on those ads or view the ads now at the top way to make money with Facebook is something called Facebook instant articles.

This is very similar to Google Ads but the difference is only the articles that people view from Facebook from the Facebook app if they open your article the article is gonna open inside of the Facebook app and it’s gonna have its own ads from Facebook alone and you’re gonna make money for every single time every impression that those ads generate you’re gonna make money so for every 1,000 impressions you can probably make 2 to 3 dollars.

Visitors per day

Perhaps more depending on what niche or topic you’re talking about so the more traffic you generate inside of Facebook with your own content the more money you can make so if you generate a hundred thousand visitors per day or 50,000 visitors per day you could easily make you know 200 300 dollars more or more depending on your topic.

This is exactly what bor panda is doing if you check borp and if you go to the Facebook app and you open any of the articles from bor panda you’ll notice that those articles actually open inside of the facebook app and they have advertising from facebook they’re making money from the Facebook instant articles work.

Google Adsense

Now if you try to go to the website you’ll see ads from Google Adsense their own ads and they’re basically making money from advertising if you want to create articles on this type of topic, for example, you can grab articles from more panda you can find out which articles are generating the more likes the more engagement the most engagement on Facebook using different tools.

One of those tools it’s called buzz sumo and what it is buzz sumo is allowed you to analyze multiple Facebook pages it’ll tell you in the past 24 hours you can see trending news right now but in the past 24 hours he can tell you what are the top articles and videos that are generating a lot of engagement on Facebook.

Better idea

This is gonna give you a better idea of what to write about so let’s say you have BuzzFeed bore panda and a bunch of other websites that you want to track and see how many likes or how many clicks they’re getting on their content inside of Facebook instead of trying to guess.

That to write about what you can do is you can attract 50 different articles or posts and see which ones get the most chairs and engagement and just create an article based on that that’s gonna give you an advantage now if you go to the most chairs section.

For example

If you just type let’s type something like bore panda you can see right here we’ll do a quick search and you can see of the past 24 hours there’s this article right here that generated 31,000 basically 32,000 Facebook engagements.

This is going to give you a better idea of what type of content to write about because if you have a viral news blog of course we’re not talking about specific category bore panda as we’re using this example has many different types of less is very similar to BuzzFeed.

Facebook engagement

What they do is they create content based on what’s trending out there and you can go back you know a week you can go back in year six months and this is the like for example this story right here has three hundred and forty- six thousand Facebook engagement.

Which probably generated millions of visitors to the website so this is a very powerful tool now keep in mind this tool is not free I believe it can cost 150 to 300 dollars per month to get access to this tool but I wouldn’t recommend it in the beginning because if you’re gonna do an investment like this it’s only because you have multiple Facebook pages.


If you have a lot of content that you need to produce on different topics and you can use this tool to find what’s working on other pages and just try to replicate it on your own niche and that’s exactly what I do if you go to the trending now section you’ll see that it’ll tell you.

What’s trending on Facebook right now it has you know what’s trending on actually social media in general including Twitter Pinterest and many other websites and it will give you an idea of what people are reading on Facebook that allows you to go out and replicate that content.

Write content

You don’t need to pay someone to just guess what they’re gonna write about whether it’s gonna work or not you just find the content in here and tell someone if you’re hiring a freelancer to just rewrite the articles and use different pictures and just make it unique that you can hire a freelancer in places like up work.


Freelancer com to just rewrite the Articles maybe five six or ten articles per day and and that gonna be a lot cheaper than just doing the work yourself if you want to do the work yourself in the beginning you can definitely do that he’s just going to take you some time to start making money the number one thing to remember is the bigger your audience on Facebook the more likely you are to generate traffic now in the beginning.

The best way to get started is by building first your Facebook page just using the name that it’s going to categorize pretty much any topic that you want bored Panda doesn’t actually talk about specific things they talk about what’s trending online because you can definitely replicate what they’re doing with your own brand.

So you will need a Facebook page you will probably need to invest some money, in the beginning, to grow that Facebook page into ten thousand a hundred thousand or more and it’s not gonna be overnight it’s gonna take time.

onetizing traffic

It’s something that you will need to work on a daily basis in order to go and the best way to do it like you’re doing is using video and once you go using video you can start monetizing traffic using your own website alright so I hope you enjoy all that information and just a quick reminder everything.

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I mentioned in this video all the resources including how to build your WordPress blog are gonna be found in the description below you can just go and see basically all the resources that I mentioned you can check them out and if you want to learn more about how to grow a Facebook page how to get it to 10,000 nights or more then check out some of my other videos.

Where I actually explain one of the main strategies that I have used to build multiple Facebook pages – over a hundred thousand lights in just a few months so check it out it’s free it’s there and you can implement it yourself and try it out to see if it works for you so thank you for watching guys I appreciate it and I’ll see you in the next Article you

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