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How to earn

how to earn
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How to earn 100$ per day

In this I’m gonna show you exactly step by step how you can start earning $100 per day from Google yes from Google that you use every single day but did you know that you can actually make a lot of money using Google and in fact

I’m gonna show you how you can actually automate the entire process that I’m gonna show you right on this video step by step and in fact I want you to watch this video until the very end because this method is going to work for you you have been trying different methods on YouTube that me subscribing to different Channel but all of those methods they don’t work does that make sense to you right and this method is 100% free and it works worldwide and as a bonus tips if you watch until the very end


I’m gonna show you one extra bonus tips that how you can automate the entire process and start earning passive income consistently every single day right so before we dive in I want to invite you to subscribe to my channel my name is Branson

I put up a new video every single day just like this one right here showing you different methods to make money online pure value pure content. I’m not trying to sell you any stuff right here do check out my videos and click the subscribe button. Right now okay and the website that we are gonna be talking about in this video is click bang click bang calm. These websites a hundred percent free. You can sign up from anywhere in the world. Get started and apply this strategy right.

Clickbank Clam

After watching this video okay so even a guest sign up just go on to Clickbank calm and click on this create account button click on this and the girl walk you through a step-by-step process until all your details and verify your email and you will get your free Clickbank account sign up okay after that once you have your own Clickbank account.

you have to go to the our back-office you login into it and you will see the patient looks like this one right here and if you can’t couldn’t find these pages just go on to click on this marketplace on the top corner marketplace and you will land on this page right here.

Types of earning

where you can see different different products from different categories that you can start promoting and earn commission okay so what I want you to focusing on and this video is to select health and fitness okay and a specifically diet and weight loss click on this diet and weight loss you’re gonna land on this page okay by default they’re gonna sort the results by popularity from high to low.

what I want you to do next is to sort the results by gravity and the reason why is because the Guinness I’m happy to give you the gravity score right here I can see where we scored 200 and 0 6 and the second products gravity score 199 that means that over 200 sales has been made over the last 28 or 30 days that means that these products is actually converting people are actually buying that and affiliates are actually earning commission from that so this bread is legit it people as people are buying that so

what I want you to do right here is you find the products from maybe the top the first one on the top the second one or the top three of these products select one

How to save Money

I’m say for example for fat daily fix okay the average sales is about thirty seven dollars and if you make like just three sales per day you’re gonna make well over a hundred dollars okay and I’m gonna show you how you can start promoting it using free strategy.

How you can automate the entire process with the help of Google okay so what you have to do next is click on this promote button and they’re gonna pop up a new page right here so what you have to do next is you click on these generate hot links so

They’re gonna give you these unique affiliate links where people click on this link and if they buy the products they’re gonna track that the the customer is coming from you and they’re gonna pay your commission right so what you have to do is you copy this link ok copy this and what you have to do is you go to bitly calm bittley’s outcome.

Why to earn

Because these you are languages so ugly so scary people won’t ever click on this okay so what I want you to do is you have to shorten this URL link by going to beat Lee calm and paste on your long URL link right here paste it and they’re gonna help you to shorten this up into a bitly link right bitly link right here you can see that is much shorter it’s much nicer and more sexier to click right and people might click into this and might eventually buy the products and you’re gonna earn the commission so.

About Click

What good thing about Billy is that they can help you to track the clicks where it is coming from as well you can see that one on my previous video right I leave one of the bible’ link down in the video description subscribe now okay I do a bit learing right here as you can see that I can track how many clicks over the past 30 days over 2,000 clicks from YouTube.

where locations so that we can know that how many people actually click on the link okay and where they are coming from and what traffic sauce they come from okay so it is very good miss hundred percent free right so after you get your link you find the products is shot and your you are linked using bitly.

Focus on this steps

The next thing that you want to be focusing on is how you’re gonna get people to click right how you get people to click on the link and actually buy the products so you have to go on Google ok Google com so what you have to do next is you tighten the keywords let’s say we are promoting our products about weight loss right so what you have to do is you have to but find blogs about weight loss so you go on and type like weight loss Plus blocks press ENTER and you can see that different different Google searches

What I want you to do is go on this website right here healthy ways calm and click on this 2009 teen top weight loss blocks and out of that you’re gonna land on this page right here and we’re gonna show you literally all the blocks that writing about weight loss about how to lose weight about how to stay fit how to keep fit and how to exercise and so on literally like 50 blog posts right here and let me quickly show you and walk you through.

Traffic Source

How you can use this and actually get traffic get people for free and click on your specific dueling and earning Commission right say for example no thanks to cake this right here click on this and it’ll land on these blog posts right here and say for example I’m gonna click on one of the blog posts about this chicken carbonara click on this one and you have to read these blog posts right they’re gonna show you the blog post.

What they wrote about the recipe how they cook that and when you scroll on to the very end of these blog posts. You’re gonna see comments write different comments from different people. They put a really good comment sharing about their journey about their stuff about their weight loss journey. Maybe people will leave their affiliate links in between or at the end of their comment. That’s how you get traffic laser targeted traffic right. Because whenever people you go on google they search like.

Blog Post

How to lose weight and then land on these popular blog posts right here and all of these people. Actually interested about how to lose weight right so. if you actually put out a very valuable comment and at the end of these comments you leave.

your unique affiliate links right there people might click on this and a certain percentage of people. might actually convert and actually buy the products and you’re gonna earn commission by doing that.

What I want you to do is you have to go down the back at the bottom of this page and leave a really good comment read the entire blog post right don’t just spam people don’t just simply drop drop the link right there people might block you people might ban you from commenting and so on so just leave a very valuable comment talk about weight loss talk about your journey it could be a real story could be a fake story.

Blog Post

Whatever it is just put a valuable comment and put your link in between. At the end right and put your name and your email and website you just simply put on this just a random website and click on this post comment and your comment will be right there and people whenever they recon did these blog posts.

Then I came across your comment and it might click on your link okay so not all the blog posts might have a comment section so what usually you will have to do is you have to go to Google or you have to go to here and click on these buttons one by one to see that whether.

They have a comment section right and sometimes the blog is so famous. They have like hundreds if not thousands of comments. How can you make sure that your comments can be seen by people? How can you make sure that your comment come at a first at the top comments so.

Impect of Comment

Whenever people scroll down they will see your first comment they’ll click on your comment. Because you’re on the top right does that even make sense. So what I want you to do is I’m going to show you one tip to automate this process. But let me just give on another example let’s say eat drink and be skinny.

When I click on this you’re gonna land on this website right here and as usual there are so so many boxes where you can leave a comment and drive traffic to your Clickbank products so let me quickly show you one example of this one right here click on this and gallon on these blog posts and at the end of this again you’re gonna see a comment section.

where people leave a valuable comment you can see that people actually leave a link right Revitol ooh calm there is a link people are doing that people applying these strategies so you can see that it is not competitive at all not much people are actually doing this because first of all people don’t know about this and second thing is that when people didn’t know about this.

Income from Online

I start earning passive income right so that’s what I share with you and in this video I hope that you’re getting value from me if you do like this video make sure to give me a thumbs up like this video and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel click on the subscribe button right now and I have a special playlist for you right you can click on these plays on my channel I have a very top 10.

How to make money online playlists and how you can make money with your phone feel free to check out those playlists and also don’t forget to comment If you have any questions I’ll get back to you as soon as possible I reply to each and every one of a comment right so that’s it for today’s guys you can make an awesome day I will see you in my next video bye for now.

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