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The U.S. has a huge job market. That’s why many NASA students are interested in coming to us for jobs. So this video is all about what type of jobs you can get as an international student here in u.s.

Job in College

When you want in college so first of all let’s talk about the legal jobs. You can do during the first year of college. You are only allowed to work on campus for the first one here. These jobs include working at restaurants on campus working in the dining hall. Working in gym library working as tutors such as math.

Souter science

Souter science tutor or working as research assistants lab assistants. These all jobs are considered legal. And you can get them on the first-come-first-served basis as long as you apply on time and you can call international students Department to ask them.

The procedure how to apply for these jobs and you will be applying to these jobs. Through the university portal and now this means all the off-campus jobs. Such as working at warehouses gas stations all of these jobs will be considered illegal. You will be only allowed to work off campus after one year of college. Those jobs will be only related to your major.

for example

If you are a computer science major you will be only allowed to work for those engineering job companies. You will be applying for CPT that’s a curricular practical training program so you will apply to that.

Then you will be able to get that particular job only and only if that is related to your major also consider another example if you are a math major you will be able to do research at anywhere outside the campus once you have completed one year so let’s talk about the working hours here in the US.

Average Earning

So when you are studying in college you will be only allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours so those hours are kind of flexible if you limit your total hours for two weeks to 40 hours, for example, you work for 16 hours for the first week and 24 hours for the second week off.

That pay cycles so you have to be very careful about that now you can work for more than 20 hours and actually up to 40 hours during summer breaks or winter breaks now let’s talk about the salary.

Earning in New York

So how much you can earn when you are here in college or you’re working off-campus or anywhere let’s consider the range so the range varies. Where you live so there is a minimum wage associated with every state air and US. I would like to share the minimum wage here in Georgia that is 7.25 dollars an hour and it is $11 in California and nine point seven dollars in New York.

So it varies and the range of pay scale will be if you consider the average case scenario it will be seven point two five to $25 an hour. That’s the average case scenario but that doesn’t mean you cannot earn more than that you can obviously do if you have the caliber if you have the potential and you fulfill the requirements so let’s talk about some job scenarios.

EP credits

So when I came to us I got a job as a math tutor after applying online and I got the job because I had EP credits for cash plus one and calculus to those who are required for the job I used to get paid around eight point five dollars an hour and that was quite enough to pay for my food but not quite enough to pay for my rent.

Because I used to work for only ten to twelve hours. They had limited hours available at that time. Because I applied for that job very late so I applied for the job after. I was here in school so I think I got the job after one month here in school so that’s the reason.

Loss in earning

I got very less hour and after the first semester I got 18 hours per week. I also used to work overtime when there was a tutor absent or there was more workload. So they used to make this so they used to allow me to do so and in that case I was able to cover my rent.

Because I used to earn around $600 and that was quite enough for me but let’s consider my second job scenario so after my two semesters as a math tutor. I started working as an intern and I used to get paid around twenty dollars an hour so I got the internship.

Spring semesters

Because I had and some projects I had experienced as a computer science major and twenty dollars an hour for the summer working full-time was quite enough for me and I used to go for forty hours every week during the summer as a full-time intern and I used to work part-time in the fall and spring semesters.

I used to get paid $20 an hour even for the part-time opportunity at my internship. I used to get paid around $1,200 every week. When I worked part-time at and around $2,400. When I worked full-time and that was quite enough for me and I was able to cover my rent. And also was able to pay my fees to some extent and so work hard. And try your best to get an internship or research opportunity so that will be the best job.

Paid job

You can get and there will be the highest paid job that you can work legally. So now let’s consider the third job scenario that I will be working in the future. I got my next internship now and that will pay me around $24 an hour. So that is much better than the other two jobs.

I have got and I will be working as a software engineer in this company. So I will say as you gain more experience the salary you can get increases. So these are my three job scenarios and these scenarios may differ. If you are coming as a math major. You might get paid differently as different major and you might get paid differently.

Job range

As you choose a different major so you have to do research in that case. But I can provide you the job range that will be around 7.25 to $25.00 in most of the average case. Scenarios so let’s talk about some important key things that you must know or joining these jobs.

So the first will be tax deductions yes so your salary will have tax deductions. In most of the cases federal tax deduction and state tax deductions. That will depend on the state you will be moving into do you don’t have a very much about it. Because you will get those tax deductions.


I mean the money that has been deducted paths. When you will file your tax return so you will get 90 percent of that tax reduction for sure. Now the second key thing to remember is you must apply. Those jobs by contacting the international student and scholar services and you can call them and ask them to procedure. How to apply for these jobs can reserve a job in advance?

So that you can cover your expenses you can cover your food expenses your head cover your fees. Some extent so that is that that will be very important. I will say and you should put a minimum burden on your parents now. The third key thing to remember is you will not always get those 20 hours. Because there are many students who need jobs so to make sure. That they will take out some hours from you so that everyone gets hours. So that everyone can learn money and after the first semester. I can assure you can get more hours for sure. You can also tell them that I am an international student.

Happy end

I need more hours. They will surely give you and in some cases you might not even able to work for 20 hours. Because you may have exams you need to study for them. You want to enjoy your life may be maybe asks for a leave so in those Katan. So in those scenarios you might not work for 20 hours so that’s pretty much it. I hope you found this article helpful so please do is remember to comment to my site. I will see you guys in the next one thank you .

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